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Digifort Surveillance System
Digifort specializes in video surveillance software and video monitoring intelligence.

With it’s Corporate Headquarters in São Caetano do Sul – São Paulo, and its Main Development Center in Boca Raton Florida – Digifort counts with offices and branches all around the world. Digifort has presence in more than 120 countries with its platform translated to over 18 languages. The company has a solid trajectory and reputation which covers the globe. Our solution delivers stability and best of product. Always looking for excellence and constantly listening to the market and their customers; always providing relevant improvements and leading the VMS market.

The Security Buying Group is the UK representative for DIGIFORT, the world's leading video management and analytics software.

Our distribution and manufacturing channel partners provide sales and first-line support to integrators. We are a DELL re-seller, optimising servers and PC’s for running Digifort.

Digifort is a server-based, Video Management Software and Analytics platform. It offers total integration with over 300 brands of IP cameras. Digifort supports Edge recording with Self-Healing repair of data lost in network outages. It also supports Edge analytics, bringing analytics solutions from cameras into the system for control and management.

Digifort facts.

• 3.5 million channel licenses sold.
• No annual maintenance fees.
• Four, cost-effective license levels
• Analytics, LPR, facial recognition and synopsis modules.
• Multiple, flexible fail-over and remote storage options.
• Direct integration with over 300 camera brands (99% of all cameras available).
• Integration with DVRs/NVRs, I/O units, video servers and media devices.
• Virtual matrix and video wall functionality.
• Price and project protection.


Digifort brochure

An overview of the Digifort VMS and analytics platform.

Digifort Explorer datasheet

Technical datasheet for Explorer licenses

Digifort Standard datasheet

Technical datasheet for Standard licenses

Digifort Professional datasheet

Technical datasheet for Professional licenses

Digifort Enterprise datasheet

Technical datasheet for Enterprise licenses

Digifort 7.3 new features

A summary of the new features in the 7.3 release

Digifort reference sites.

Reference sites from all over the world.

Covid-19 specific brochure

A technology response to Covid-19

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